Groklaw: SCO and IBM Stipulate on Going Forward with Utah Litigation -- It's Game On

by Dave on Friday, February 17 2012 at 12:32 EST

From pj at Groklaw

SCO and IBM have reached a stipulation [PDF] on how to go forward on reactivating the Utah litigation, and SCO has filed it in Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. Assuming it’s signed by the judge, the Hon. Kevin Gross, in time for the April 23rd hearing now scheduled in Utah District Court in Salt Lake City before the Hon. Dee Benson on SCO’s laughable motion to let only it go ahead and IBM not, I’d say it’s game on. They’ve agreed IBM can proceed with its defenses and counterclaims. It was IBM that suggested in its opposition to SCO’s motion that the best way forward was to ask the Bankruptcy Court to lift the stay on both parties, which is what the stipulation agrees to.

Aren’t these guy’s dead yet?


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