Book Review: "Linux Pocket Guide" by Daniel J. Barrett; O'Reilly Media

by Dave on Wednesday, June 06 2012 at 21:08 EDT

As part of the O’Reilly Bloggers program I was able to review a copy of Daniel Barrett’s “Linux Pocket Guide.”

Daniel writes this guide to be a reference. He covers many of the most important commands and options.

In the introduction, the author describes some the basics of Linux – what a distro is and the difference between the command line and GUI. He then builds up the reader with knowledge of how the file system is laid out and how the shell works.

The rest of the book is broken down by tasks one may want to accomplish. For example, Daniel has a section on “File Compression and Packaging.” He discusses such commands with tar, gzip, gunzip, bzip2 and bunzip2. The discussions around the commands are set up much like man pages, but are easier to read and have well explained examples. He also includes a table of useful options.

While not a comprehensive book of every command, option and examples, this guide offers a good reference for those that need to look up common commands.

You can buy the book from the O’Reilly Site.


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